Bye bye ’21, hello ’22: A review of 2021

We made it through another year! I don’t know about you all, but 2021 kinda kicked my butt in the beginning of the year , but then, it ended on a great note. . I learned a lot, cried a lot, and smiled a lot. I accomplished some great things, so I want to share with you all how my 2021 went.

Time to get serious

When I got pregnant with Aniyah, I decided to take a break from acting. I did a few small things, but I took the break because I wanted to spend sometime learning to be a mom. 2020 I was going to get back into the game, but COVID hit hard and that shut things down. 2021 I decided I had to get back into the acting game anyway I could. In March I signed up for my first acting class with the Vagabond School of Arts in Chicago First one in ten years! I learned a lot from that class, it opened up my horizons for acting on camera. I also joined the Clubhouse app around the same time and I was on there basically everyday to get inspiration from working actors, casting directors, and agents. Clubhouse is where I found out about my acting coach Jonna Johnson, and I am so happy that I pushed my fears and judgement of myself aside and started training with her! In the year that I spent training underneath her, my confidence in my acting has gone up so much. I can’t wait to continue training with her this year and making more connections.

We Bought a house in Georgia!

Yes!!!! We bought a house in April and boy was it a crazy ride. We started house hunting for home in Indiana at the end of 2020 going into 2021. We found some great ones and even put an offer on one, but the seller chose another buyer. It was blessing in disguise though. We talked about moving to Atlanta for quite sometime and we decided to just go for it. We found our realtor Anyonna Scott from a friend who had also moved to GA last year. Anyonna is amazing guys! She was able to do showings virtually and thankfully my cousin was able to go to a couple of them. She made sure we got what we wanted and that we stayed in budget. She stayed in contact with us the whole time and made sure all of our questions were answered. We put in several offers and our offer was accepted on a cute ranch style home with a huge back yard. The only thing I would have changed about the whole process, is us packing earlier. We packed everything up in less than two weeks and right up until the day before we had to leave. Not that best idea at all if you could avoid it. We got to GA and the next day, we signed the papers; talk about moving fast! We are now in the process of updating and doing some light renovation. I can’t wait to share that journey with you all.

Time to blossom

I have had Imposter Syndrome for so long, I never fully let myself blossom to my fullest potential. But I think moving to another state, taking acting classes, and stepping out of my comfort zone; my confident has spiked a lot. I started taking my content creating more seriously and I have seen such an improvement in myself and the way I present myself as a actor and business woman. I am still working on a lot with myself, but I have never felt more powerful and beautiful as a I do right now.

My goals for 2022

  • Embrace everything about me.
  • Be more kind to myself
  • Stop being afraid to show me!
  • Never be ashamed about what I want in life.
  • Go on all the adventures.

I am so excited to see what 2022 has in store for me and how much I will accomplish. And I am bringing you all along for the journey!


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