It’s the little things

*First posted July, 2021*

As a mom, wife, and 9 to 5er,  it can be hard making time for myself. Like many other women, I let myself go while taking care of everyone else. What I have come to realize, is if I don’t take care of myself; I can’t take care of anyone else. 


Skincare has been a big part of my selfcare and it has helped me with my confidence so much. All though there are times when I forget, which is rare, I make it a point to do my skin care routine at night and in the morning. I will definitely talk more about what I use in a separate post. My skin has come so far! 

There isn’t nothing like smelling good and having people compliment you on it. I have started taking my fragrances seriously and choosing good long lasting scents. I have always been good about choosing scents that match me, but I’ve always had a problem with choosing scents that last all day. So, I have started wearing scented oils more often. They are so simple to wear and you can mix them with other scents. One of my favorite fragrances is Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger. My mom wore this when I was younger and I fell in love with it. It is light and airy. It doesn’t overpower, but it makes a statement  

 Before I was pregnant, married even, my hair flourished. Honestly, I stopped caring for it and just did the bare minimum with it. I had some ups and downs since then, but now I am starting to see some great results. I pay more attention to my ends, what I put on my hair and style with, I also find styles that are easy and still cute to do. I wash my hair once a week now and make sure to cover my hair when I sleep. My favorite styles to do our mini-twists, twist outs, and puffs. 

Physical health

I drink so much water now that the bathroom is my best friend. Seriously though, my skin, hair, and gut has never been so happy with my water intake. I also drink my coffee from home 99 percent of the time, instead of buying out. I keep it pretty simple, iced coffee with/without sugar and maybe plant based milk; if I feel like it. 

What you eat can really make or break your day. I have started being more mindful of what I eat. Don’t get me wrong, I do crave some junk food every once in a while. But I have been choosing healthier snacks to bring with me to the office and also buying more fruit to keep on the table where I can see it all of the time. 

It does help that my daughter and husband also like healthy foods. Aniyah loves her fruits, especially the tropical ones and she is getting into a lot more veggies. It helps being from a Caribbean back ground. 

Mental Health 

I have started taking my mental health more seriously, especially now because of my daughter. She is getting older and becoming more aware of her surrounds and I want to be there one hundred percent for her.

I make sure to have a set time for myself everyday. Even if it is just sitting in my room with the door closed, alone; I take this time to do whatever I feel like doing.  I will even take a short drive and listen to my podcast or music. Another way I keep my mental health on check is shutting things out that don’t apply in that moment. When I clock out at my 9-5, I don’t think about it until the next day when I clock in. If I know I have some cleaning to do, I don’t think about it until I am home and ready to do it. 

I am still learning to be kind to myself and to be better with my mental health. I have always overworked my mind and never gave it a break to be free. I am learning to do little things for myself that will make me a better person all around. 

 Here’s to better self and mind! 


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