What 2020 taught me about myself and why I am so excited for 2021

*First posted Jan 8, 2021*

In 2020, we were all hit with a pandemic that we never thought would hit as hard as it did. People lost their jobs, homes, loved ones, and their way of life. There was and still is so much to adjust to; a new normal. 

I just want to go over what 2020 taught me about myself and how I changed. 


I always saw myself as a strong person because I was raised by two strong women, but 2020 put us all through it! I had several anxiety attacks throughout the year due to the fact that I have a child and I was afraid for her. Both Lamar and I work out of the home  (I am working from home now, second time this year) and we were in contact with people. I had to think about the people, like my aunt, who is a frontline worker and who doesn’t have the option to work from home. They are killing it and putting their selves and family at risk to help others.  

I knew I had to be strong for my baby. I couldn’t break down when the work was going through this crisis. She has no idea what is going on, but one day she will. I want her to remember her parents being strong in the pandemic.  

I have always been a thankful person, but 2020 made me realize just how lucky I am to have what I have. I still thankfully have a job, my marriage is strong and loving, my daughter is happy, my family is healthy, and my faith in God is STRONG!! Having all of my family with me kept me strong through the year and my spirits up when I had some dark days .


I took a long break from acting when I had my daughter, I did a few things here and there, but nothing seriously. I wanted the time to learn how to be a mom. During my break I changed jobs and I am currently working with a great company. But my passion for acting was and still is there. I knew I wanted to get back in to it. 

2020 was supposed to be the year I went back into the acting game, but the pandemic hit and things changed. Through out 202o, my drive went up and down because things were locked down and I didn’t know how to break back into the that world. I wanted to take acting classes, but couldn’t get there. The pandemic bought us online classes and coaching! I was so happy when I saw the classes I wanted to take were available from anywhere. I still waited to take these classses becasue I was trying to naviate the new normal of 2020. 

I found the cool app “Clubhouse” and everything changed. I listened to that app for a week straight and made connections and soaked up so much info and much needed gems. To be in those rooms with people with the same passion and drive I have; was amazing!! Questions I had were answered and things were confirmed. After listening to those rooms, I finally signed up for a class this past week and also a private coaching session with a great acting coach. I went into 2021 with a serious mindset. I told myself that everyday I would do something to further my career. Whether it was spending some time on Clubhouse, reading, or analyzing a script.

I am so excited to go into 2021 with this new view of myself and I would love for you all to join me on this journey this year. 



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